A free promotional game will be played every Sunday at the 12:45 PM session for a $20,000 prize. On November 26th, 2017  it will be at 55#'s

A guaranteed consolation prize of 2 x $ 500.00 . Each player will be given a free card for the game and no cards will be sold. A player playing more than one card will not be eligible to win. When the progressive portion reaches 57 numbers or more , two free game cards will be given.

Thursday  at the 6:45  pm session, our free promotional game will be played for a $15,000 prize. On November 30 it will  be  54  numbers.

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Friends’ Bingo Hall will be hosting 2 monster bingos in 2017 with a prize board to be determined.

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Please ask for your loyalty card which will allow you to obtain points at every session you play.

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Gift certificates are available from the session managers.

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On the last Friday of every month we will hold draws at every session for a cheque.

**** The Monthly draw for August will be Friday August 25th  ***********

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Please contact the General Manager at 613-747-7250 for details regarding fundraising opportunities for your group. Groups  must be 20 people or more.

Every so often, we will have special draws on a day and session to be determined.

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Every Holiday in the summer we will be hosting a free bar-b-q outside.

Every player will receive a free hamburger or hot dog  .  .

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Every year, on December 31, we host our New Year’s Eve Gala.

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