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Calendar of Events

Calendar of Events
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Monster Bingo

We host 2 monster bingos per year with a prize board that is to be determined. The next monster bingo will be on Friday, April  19th 2019 at 1:00am (following the 9:45pm session on Thursday night). We will randomly draw a name for both a king and queen at this session. The king and queen will each get to select a lucky number between B1 and 075, and each time their number is called throughout the session, they will win a $10 gift certificate.


Did you know that we host a free BBQ for players on every summer holiday? In 2019, this will take place on May 20th  (Victoria Day), July 1st (Canada Day), August 5th (Civic Holiday), and September 2nd (Labour Day), at every session of the day, each player will receive a free hamburger, hotdog, or veggie burger.

Free Promotional Games

Every week, we have 2 FREE promo games. Currently these games take place on Wednesday at 6:45pm for $15,000 and on Sunday at 12:45pm for $20,000. For each of these games there will be a guaranteed consolation prize of 2 x  $500. Each player will be given only 1 free card when the designated number is between 50 and 56, and when the designated number reaches 57 or higher, 2 free cards will be given to each player. No additional cards will be sold for this game and anyone caught playing extra cards is not eligible to win.

Gold for Silver

Twice a week you can purchase a gold package for the price of a silver package. This incredible offer takes place every Monday at 6:45pm and every Tuesday at 3:45pm.

Monthly Draws

At every regular session, we randomly draw 5 names from our computer system. Provided that those 5 people verify their attendance, we will enter their names in our end of the month draw. On the last Friday of every month, we hold draws at each session for a cheque. Each session’s draw starts with a pot of $300. If the person whose name is drawn attends that session, he/she will receive the total amount accumulated in that session’s pot. If the winner is not in attendance, he/she will receive a cheque for $100 and $200 will be added to the pot for next month’s draw.

New Years Eve Gala

Come ring in the new year with your friends at Friends’ Bingo Hall. Each year, on December 31st we host our New Year’s Eve gala. We have 2 sessions available. The first begins at 5:30pm and with your ticket you will get a chicken dinner as well as the opportunity to win extra gifts. The second session begins at 10:00pm and with your ticket you will get a snack plate with sandwiches, cheese, and fruit, noise makers and punch for a toast, and the opportunity to win extra gifts.

** regular sessions run at 9:45am & 12:45pm, however, there is no 3:45pm session on New Year’s Eve.

Customer Loyalty Program

  • The Friends’ Bingo Hall rewards program is absolutely free! Please speak to a manager or charity member during your next visit to get yourself signed up for the program and start building points.
  • For every session played, you may swipe your card at our computer on site and automatically earn points which can be used towards incredible rewards.
    • 1 point per session which is the equivalent of $0.40
    • $10 birthday = free (on your birthday)
    • $20 gift certificate = 50 points
    • Free daily meal special = 15 points
    • Small bingo bag = 25 points
    • Dauber = 7 points
  • During each daily session, our duty manager will pull 5 names from our computer to be entered in our end of the month draw. On the last Friday of every month, we do a draw at all sessions which includes each name that was pulled for that session from our system throughout the month.
  • All loyalty members are given a free breakfast 7 days a week
  • Please note that you must be present at the hall for the session you are swiping your card to collect points and be a part of our monthly draw. Anyone caught swiping a card for a customer that is not present will lose all privileges to our loyalty program (both the customer swiping & the owner of the card)

Fundraiser opportunities

Do you belong to a charity that would like some additional funding? Contact our General Manager at 613-747-7250 for details about our group fundraising opportunities.