Packages will be sold until the first special is being played and regular books will be sold until 30 minutes after the session starts. If you arrive afterwards, you cannot play.
This is the number of balls required to win the main prize in select games. The bingo machine has 75 numbers in it. If the designated number for a bingo game is 52 numbers, you must get the bingo in 52 numbers or less to win the main prize. If you get the bingo in 53 numbers or more, you will receive the consolation prize. The designated number works a bit differently for Twoonie B. For all players who’ve purchased their ticket, this is the number of balls required to win the total prize on select games. If you do not get the winning pattern within the designated number, no extra prize money will be won.
In Ontario, you must be 18 years or older to play bingo. Government issued photo ID may be required upon entry to the hall.
In Ontario, all winnings for bingo halls are tax exempt.
We are a cash only operation. We do however have an ATM located within our hall for your convenience.
Unfortunately to be in our hall you must play bingo. All players must purchase at least 1 regular book of 3 to participate.
At our regular sessions, our regular books cost $3.50 per strip and the smallest book available is a book of 3 (3 strips) therefore costing you $10.50. At our mini sessions, our regular books cost $3 per strip and the smallest book available is a book of 3 (3 strips) therefore costing you $9. The minimum purchase at any regular session is a book of 3. In addition to our regular books, you can purchase specials, twoonie tickets, and nevada tickets. Our specials are either $1 or $2 each, twoonie tickets are $2 each, and nevada jackpot balls are $1 each. For more information on our pricing please take a look at our program here.
Each strip has 3 faces. For example, if you purchase a special with 1 strip, you’ll be playing 3 faces & if you purchase a book of 5, you’ll be playing 15 faces.
Our silver package includes a book of 6 for all regular games and specials as well as 6 double actions. Our gold package includes 2 books of 6 for all regular games and specials as well as 12 double actions. The only games not included in our packages is our quickie book, our supersizer, & our twoonie pots.
They are an extra game played for a minimum prize of $200. The tickets can be sold before the session and during the break. Pending the completion time of the sale of the box(es), they will be payed at the progressive, the super jackpot, and/or the jackpot games. The person who daubs the 3 bingo ball numbers on their Nevada ticket first must yell balls and have their ticket validated. Once the ticket is validated, the winner must pick a number between 1 & 10 for a chance at winning the prize pot.
Prior to the commencement of the session, the caller will randomly draw an indicator number from the bingo blower. This number is clearly shown to all players throughout the session and is returned into the blower prior to the start of the session.
Before the start of all sessions, your caller will randomly draw a ball which will be your indicator number. The lucky ball is the ball that is drawn immediately after the indicator number. If you get a bingo on the lucky ball, and you have a valid twoonie A ticket, you will win the regular game prize as well as the twoonie A prize.
All winning cards must be daubed in the winning pattern with an ink dauber. We sell many different dauber colours in our canteen for your convenience.
Unfortunately you must play your own cards; they cannot be shared.
You can play as many cards as you can manually dab.
At the present time we do not. We serve water, coffee, tea, soda, and juice.
Most of our sessions take approximately 2.5 hours with a short break scheduled in the middle.
Ensure that your card is daubed in the winning pattern and yell bingo loud enough for the caller to hear. The caller will pause the game, a runner will then verify your card with the caller, and you will be paid the prize amount for that game.
Cameras are allowed, however, there are limitations. You must ensure that no other customers are in your photos without prior consent.
Yes! We have gift certificates available for purchase during regular business hours in increments of $25 $50 and $100.
For no extra charge, any customer playing a book of 5 or more can use one of our hand held personal bingo verifiers to help them track and verify their cards. These machines are meant to be used to help you, however, you must continue to play using your bingo paper and dauber; all winning cards must be dabbed. (Please note that at the 3:45pm session on Tuesdays & the 6:45pm session on Mondays, handsets will only be given to customers purchasing a gold package until 5 minutes before the start of the session)
Our numbers roll over from session to session. Depending on the rule of the game, the number will either remain the same in one day if not won OR it will grow higher. Unfortunately there is no way for us to predict the numbers we will have in the future as they are entirely dependent on when the game gets won.
Yes – we are the only hall in town that offers a session at 12:45am. These late night/early morning sessions take place every Friday and Saturday night as well as on select holidays.